Welcome to East Africa - Land of Unparalleled Beauty

Victoria Safaris welcomes you to East Africa. East Africa is synonymous with the word "Safari", which in Swahili means "to journey". through this land of abundant wildlife, beautiful scenery, diverse cultures and friendly people. Join us on Safari in Africa and make your dream come true.

Kenya Wilderness Safaris, Uganda Safaris and Tanzania Tours
The richness of the African wilderness is unsurpassed and this continues to draw the people of various nations to the countries of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Wildlife Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania has never been more exciting; similarly Gorilla Tracking adventures in Uganda, hiking on Mount Kenya, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and beach holidays on the Indian Ocean Islands of Mombasa, Lamu and Zanzibar are just as fascinating, all drawing the traveler to this holiday pardise.

Vic Falls Safaris, Tours of Victoria Falls

Lake Victoria Safaris and Eco tourism Adventures in Kenya
Ecotourism SafarisApart from the regular safaris we have a new range of tours that involve home stays around Lake Victoria. These Lake Victoria safaris take the traveler to culturally rich regions of Lake Victoria and include cultural immersions, study tours, eco tourism safaris, folklore and Lake Victoria fishing trips. Other tours include trips to the Ancestral Home of the father of US President Barack Obama and Cultural tours among the Luo and Luhyia of Western Kenya.

Eco tourism in Kenya, Eco tourism in East Africa
One of the core activities of Victoria Safaris is eco tourism in Kenya, with particular concentration in Central and Western Kenya. The purpose of these safaris is to ensure that our clientele interact with the local people in the areas they visit even as these indigenous peoples earn directly from these tours even as they embrace earth-friendly environmental practices.

In the effort to ensure food security in a poverty stricken region of Kenya, namely Siaya in Nyanza province Victoria Safaris has commenced the education of farmers in the growing of Grain Amaranth which is both soil friendly and an excellent crop to boost food security and nutrition.

Kenya West Coast Safaris

Tea Picking in KerichoAgro-tourism in Kenya, Agri tourism in Africa, Aqua culture Tours
Victoria Safaris has a number of agrotourism itineraries in central and Western Kenya. This concept is a direct expansion of eco tourism, which encourages visitors to experience agricultural life at first hand. This type of tourism is gathering strong support from small communities as rural people have realized the benefits of sustainable development brought about by similar forms of "green tourism". Visitors have the opportunity to work in the fields alongside real farmers and wade knee-deep in the sea with fishermen hauling in their nets in Lake Victoria.

Community Tours in Kenya, Community Tours in Africa, Cultural Safaris, Bird Watching.
The aim of Victoria Safaris is to enable participation from the local community in the development and operations of tourism with their consent and support. Another important feature is that a reasonable share of the revenues are enjoyed by the local communities in places where we undertake these tours. This type of tourism also maintains and respects the local culture, heritage and traditions. Often, community-based tourism actually reinforces and sometimes rescues these people. Community-based tourism also implies respect and concern for the natural heritage, particularly where the environment is one of the attractions.

Luxury Accoommodation in West KenyaLuxury Tours in Kenya, Africa Upmarket Safaris, Tanzania Luxury Holidays, Uganda Luxury Tours
Safaris on offer at Victoria Safaris include exclusive holiday packages that takes our clients top end facilities in remote parks and game sanctuaries. These upmarket tours cover the entire East Africa region among which safaris are Kenya Luxury Safaris, Uganda Upmarket Tours, Tanzania Luxury Tours, Luxury Adventures in East Africa, Luxury Beach Holidays in Kenya and Tanzania, Zanzibar Luxury Beach Tours, Luxury Gorilla Safaris in Uganda and Luxury Lodge Tours in Africa.

  Tented Camping in Maasai MaraBudget Safaris in East Africa, Kenya Camping Holidays, Camping Safaris in Tanzania
For the backpacker and the budget travel there are safari itineraries to embrace most budgets. Our budget and backpacker safaris in Africa mainly embrace the concept of camping and putting traveler up in economy hotels to bring down the cost without lowering the value of the tours as regards game viewing and meals significantly. The result has been satisfaction among our clients. Most of the tours are listed below and the include Budget Travel in Kenya, Budget Safaris in Uganda and Camping in Tanzania. We also offer Backpacker Tours in Zanzibar Island and around Lake Victoria. Home stays also help us to meet the expectations of the Budget Travel to East Africa.

Pro Poor Tours in Kenya, Africa Philanthropy Safaris
Our company is involved in this type of tourism as a means to improve the local economy for local people. We link up with poor people in the rural areas so that poverty is reduced and poor people are able to participate more effectively in tourism development while earning an adequate income. The aims of pro-poor ranges from increasing local employment to involving local people in the decision making process. The most important factor is that poor rural people receive an increase in the net benefits from tourism.

Slum Visits in Kibera Slum Tours in Kibera

Car Rental in Africa, Car Hire in Kenya, Nairobi Car Rental, Kisumu Car Rental
Victoria Safaris has set up several car rental offices in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The offices of Victoria Safaris for Car Rental and Car Leasing are in Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret and Kisumu in Kenya. In Uganda, Victoria Safaris has car rental offices in Kampala and also in Dar es salaam in Tanzania. For some of the best offers in Car Rental Services in Africa contact us for a quotation on both long term and short term car rental. Our fleet is modern and well maintain assuring you of quality service.