VSJ 109: Watamu Marine National Park Tour – 4 hours

Highlights: This is a four hours excursion from your hotel or beach resort starting after breakfast and ending by mid day before lunch at your hotel.

CoralWatamu Marine National Park; this is possibly the finest Marine National Park in Kenya. The coral gardens are merely 300 metres from the shore and are home to a vast number of fish (over 600 species) and other weird and wonderful sea-creatures.

There are approximately 600 species of fish in the Marine Park, 110 species of stony coral and countless invertebrates, crustacea and molluscs. Water temperatures vary from 20-30 degrees Celsius depending on the season, the coldest being June-October and the warmest being from December to May. It is easy to spend 4 or 5 hours marveling at the wonders of the sea. Watamu has a number of resident expert guides who will be able to name many of the fish and corals encountered during your snorkeling.

As well as the main Coral Gardens there are countless other interesting places to snorkel in the park, especially for the confident and intrepid snorkeler! The Larder, where shoals of pick handle barracuda (Sphyraena jello) are sometimes encountered. Turtle Reef, although a bit deep, may show a turtle or two, as will The Pothole which sits on the inner edge of the main, seaward reef. Scuba diving can be arranged at Ocean Sports Hotel.

This is a full day marine excursion sailing in a transparent base boat and a quite sea to reach the ideal place for snorkeling and admiring the colors of the coral reefs. A white sandy neck in the Indian Ocean

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Validity 1 Jan - 31 Dec