Nairobi Safari Walk with the Orphanage (4 hours)


The Nairobi Animal Orphanage was established in 1964 as a refuge and rehabilitation center for wild animals found abandoned or injured throughout Kenya, the unique facility records over 200,000 thousand visitors every year. The Nairobi Animal Orphanage is not big in size, in fact, it's rather small, but this makes it very intimate and it is certainly easy to wander around. 

"The Nairobi Animal Orphanage has successful treated and released over five thousand different species since this program was initiated 32 years-ago, and it is now in the process of modernizing the facility or what in management circles they term as Gemba Kaizen - continuous, improvement to meet both the international standards and also afford the animals favorable and conducive environment now that to some of them, this is their retirement home," What adds to its charm and its sense of personalisation is that every enclosure has a notice in front of it describing the animals in a way that allows visitors to relate to them. First of all, each animal has a name and its age and a reference to where it came from. Other interesting facts include biological details (it's life expectancy, how much and what it eats natural habitat, etc.)

Currently this important educational and training facility, which is housed, in Kenya's oldest Park and the only wildlife protected area in a capital city in the world - Nairobi National Park, is said to be home to twenty four different animals and bird species.

You can also read about how each animal came to be there - whether it was rescued or born in captivity. If it was rescued, there is a story about who rescued it, what it was suffering from and a brief tale of its recovery and rehabilitation. If unsuccessful efforts were made to release it back into the wild, you can also read about why those efforts failed - and I noticed on many of the boards that often it was because the animal was refused to leave its caretaker.

Visit this amazing wildlife rehabilitation facility and we bet you! You will never forget the experience!

The Nairobi safari walk is based 7 km away from the Nairobi city center just 30 meters from the entrance of the Nairobi National Park. It is Kenya's new conservation based recreation facility. The facility is supreme in tourism and conservation education due to its skilled and creative landscape design, detailed interpretation and wildlife species. Next to it is the Rangers Restaurant. The gates open daily as from 9am till 5.30pm.The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has given the entire Park a facelift. New concepts and ideas have been incorporated to make the Park visitor-friendly. There is always something new to see and so each visit is exciting and thrilling.

For International Visitors, the Nairobi safari walk is an eye opener to Kenya's National Parks and Reserves. It offers the international visitor an opportunity to learn what he/she expects to see across the country. You will get a taste of Kenya's rich animal collection which includes the white rhino, rare bongo, albino zebra, and collection of cats, primates and antelopes. It is a home to a collection of over 150 species of local trees.

Nairobi Safari Walk is a conservation-cum-education facility that has been developed from the former Animal Orphanage. Eleven hectares of land have been set aside for the construction of this facility in order to give visitors a sample of Kenya's rich bio-diversity. In other words, to set the standards of conservation education in Kenya. The site also serves as KWS centre for development of education materials.


This tour starts at your residence or Hotel in Nairobi and goes to the Nairobi National Park main gate where Nairobi Safari walk and animal orphanage is located. You will start with the Animal orphanage and then finish with the Nairobi safari walk. You will then return to your destination on completion.

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Validity 1 Jan - 31 Dec

Cost Includes:

  • Service of an English speaking driver guide
  •  Entrance fees where applicable
  • Transport based on a safari Minivan  vehicle with pop up roof for game viewing
  • Driver allowances and park fees for vehicle and driver where applicable
  • Any applicable taxes

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  • Extras  -tips, drinks or any other personal expenses

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