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Homestays in East Africa
Urban Home Stays in Kenya
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Home stays in Africa

When traveling in Africa, many visitors prefer staying in exclusivity in private homes and private ranches where they experience freedom of movement and security while they conduct their affairs. Private home stay accommodation is becoming common in tourism and visitors to Africa like this for exclusivity, freedom and comfort. You get a unique opportunity to stay with the owners of the private homes in the urban centers, rural set ups, ranches or game sanctuaries in their own homes or in custom-built accommodation. Most of the home stays are located in places overlooking unforgettable stunning scenery. With their superb accommodation facilities and warm hospitality, you are also assured of first class and personal service throughout your stay.

Home Stays in East Africa
East Africa is a region of warm hospitality to all visitors coming to Africa. Its people are welcoming and generous in nature. In view of this most tourists are establishing relationships with the local residents to offer home stays to them when they visit East Africa. This is a common practice in African home stay tourism of today. Many families are shunning away from the normal hotel and lodge accommodation which has been the practice in many years, and turning to home stays in the urban centers, rural villages and private ranches which are located near or within the tourist attraction they wish to visit. This is common practice in the cities of Nairobi in Kenya, Kampala in Uganda and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. There are also private homes specifically built to offer exclusivity, freedom and comfort to the family visitors. Victoria safaris urges those visitors who are planning to study, volunteer or travel to Africa to consider staying with hosts and experience the places they visit on a deeper level, through participation in the daily lives of local people. Victoria Safaris has a close working relationship with the owners of most homes, which assists in providing for a memorable vacation.

Home Stays in Kenya
Tourists visiting Kenya are offered Home stays in three major categories which are considerably affordable;

Urban Home Stays in Kenya
These are individuals and family members with modern homes in the suburbs of major cities of Kenya which are Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. Victoria Safaris has a close working relationship with the many hosts, which assists in providing home stays for a memorable vacation. We will locate, book and arrange for your accommodation, and in addition to the charming accommodation and warm hospitality, you are assured of first class and personal service throughout your stay in these homes at an affordable rate.

Rural - Village home stays in Kenya
When touring Kenya in the rural areas and villages, Victoria safaris makes arrangements for these group of visitors to stay within the homes they are visiting. This is most common with community and cultural tourism in western Kenya and Lake Victoria region. Most villages within this region have homes of those working in urban areas which are fully furnished and left under the care of home attendants. Victoria safaris have made arrangements with the owners of most of these homes and we rent the same for a period we have visitors who desire to live among the Community they visit. This gives the visitors a unique opportunity to stay in the private homes in the rural village set up where they can opt to cook by themselves or use the services of our chefs to prepare all the meals during their stay. Laundry, house cleaning and house keeping is done by us during your home stay in the rural villages in Kenya.

Student Cross Cultural Exchange program - Rural village home stays in Kenya;
This takes students to Western Kenya to the land of the Luos of central Nyanza who have traditionally subsisted on fishing and small scale farming. Students will be placed in individual home stays where they will begin to explore issues of tradition vs. modernity, change and continuity in socioeconomic practices, and community vs. state in a capitalist state.

Here they immerse themselves in the daily life and ritual of their host community and work with locals on projects chosen by community leaders. They stay in homesteads in the rural village in Kenya where they will eat local foods, sleep in a local rural homestead, herd cattle ,use oxen plough, ride bicycles to the market, attend market days and other village chores. Through hard work, they begin to understand and appreciate the problems and joys of living in a developing country.

Those seeking overseas voluntary work and volunteer opportunities abroad will discover the difference one individual can make. Whether you find yourself teaching English in a school in Africa, building a community center, or tending to village daily chores in Kenya, one thing is certain: this overseas voluntary work experience will change your life. These are a trans formative experience to remember and to grow on. All student exchange programs end with 6 to 10 days spent exploring the environment and culture of the surrounding country. On these adventures, you might visit the Lake Victoria wildlife sanctuaries and the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Ndere Island National Park and Kakamega forest. Our high school summer programme is designed both for adventure and reflection.

This final period of your high school programme offers you an opportunity to reflect on the experience and how you will integrate it into your life back home. The student exchange programme is a two to three week home stay in a remote rural village. We can extend this program as per the demands of the students or the programme organizers. Our high school summer programs allow a maximum of 18 students per group; have two leaders and two to three in-country support staff.

Farm and Ranches Home stays in Kenya
These home stay arrangements are mostly in old colonial farm houses and ranches. The location of the farms and ranches will often overlook unforgettable stunning scenery, in addition to the charming accommodation and warm hospitality; you are assured of first class and personal service throughout your stay in these Farms and ranches. This category of home stay is also suitable for researchers wishing to undertake study of wildlife, community development or agriculture. They often stay in the ranches and farms respectively, where they monitor the daily activities of occurrences in their research activities. Examples are those studying doctorate in various fields in wildlife management, aqua culture and community development.

This same category is suitable for individuals, honeymooners, families and women travelers who want complete exclusivity, comfort and freedom during their visit to Africa. Victoria safaris have arrangement with various ranches and farms across Kenya from the farms around Lake Victoria region to the ranches in northern, central and southern Kenya for home stays of our visitors both foreign and local. Each ranch and farm has limited and exclusive accommodation and offers a variety of activities such as guided bush walks, bush breakfasts, picnic lunches, day and night game drives, horse riding, camel treks, fishing and boat rides, farm activities, and others. The bird life throughout is prolific and amazing to the bird watchers.

Farms and Ranches offering home stay accommodation in Kenya include: -

Ngong House in Nairobi
Ngong House is situated in Nairobi suburbs and it is a unique `tree hotel’ overlooking the Ngong hills. The Belgian owners have created 4 two-storied thatched tree houses situated well apart in extensive gardens. The tree houses are comfortable and creatively decorated in various themes. The cuisine is superb! Experiencing this unique style of accommodation at the beginning or at the end of the safari and less than 30 minutes from the center of Nairobi should not be missed!

Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria
Easily reached by light aircraft from the Masai Mara, and by road from Kisumu via Luanda Kotieno by ferry to Mbita, this charming little camp offers fishing for giant perch, water-skiing and windsurfing in the warm waters of the world's second largest freshwater lake. Other attractions include bird watching, exploring the islands ancient archeological sites, and visits to Ruma Game Park, home to several species not seen elsewhere in Kenya.

Rekero Ranch in Masai Mara
“Truly African – stunning landscapes, fascinating cultures and abundant wildlife” is the description of Rekero, the Beaton’s home, is located in the world famous Masai Mara, situated in a particularly good location to view `big cats’, such as lion and cheetah. The Beaton’s cater for 8 guests in comfortable thatched bungalows.

Ol Donyo Wuas in Chyulu Hills - near Tsavo
Ol Donyo Wuas is splendidly perched on a ridge in the foothills of the Chyulu Hills, with exclusive access to a quarter of a million acres of surrounding wilderness. The open plains, rolling hills and snow capped dome of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the distance, invoke images of an Africa as it was in the earlier part of the last century. The lodge consists of 6 individual cottages. Aside from riding, walking or fly camping, excellent bird shooting is possible during the months between July and August.

Galdessa in Tsavo East
Sample the unique richness of the African bush. Galdessa is the pioneer of eco-tourism in Tsavo. The camp is built using local materials from thatched roofs to ostrich eggs for lampshades! Eight elegantly decorated and spacious bandas all have private verandas and en- suite showers.

Hippo Point and Dodo's Tower at the shores of Lake Naivasha
This is known as Nderit Estate. Michael Cunningham-Reid, the nephew of the late Lord Mount Batten, bought 500 acres of land off his step-father, Tom, Lord Delamere, to create, together with his wife Dodo, a retreat in a Garden of Eden on the shores of Lake Naivasha. The entire estate is reserved for wildlife and forms an important migration corridor for the game in the surrounding 25,000 acres of untouched Africa. Hippo Point House is the Estate’s original mock Tudor Manor, set in a traditional English garden with 8 en suite bedrooms. A more recent addition is Dodo’s `folly’, a pagoda-like eight story structure which towers 130 feet amongst the Acacia trees which boasts 4 bedrooms. The property’s powerful scenery combined with understated luxury of its interiors, abundance of game and architectural diversity makes Nderit an exceptional destination.

Loldia on the northern shores of Lake Naivasha
This is a 6,500 acre farm on the northern shores of Lake Naivasha, with a rambling colonial style house idyllically situated with breath taking views over the lake to the dormant volcano Mt. Longonot beyond. The farm house was built in the 1940’s and designed much as were settler houses of that era, around a small courtyard. The restored comfortable old style furniture within contributes to the warm and hospitable atmosphere. Bedroom accommodation is in the main building, or in separate en-suite cottages. Third generation Hopcraft family continue to farm the land, but Peter Njoroge, the house manager is renowned for making guests feel comfortable and relaxed and that nothing is too much trouble. “Much to return for”.

Loisaba Lodge and its Star Beds
Loisaba is a 65,000 acre private wildlife conservancy and working cattle ranch. The main lodge is constructed from local timber and thatch and is perched high on the edge of a plateau with 7 bedrooms. However, the main attraction of Loisaba Wilderness is the unique `star beds’. One set of star beds overlooks a waterhole which attracts wildlife, and the second set is located on the banks of the Ewaso N’giro River. The beds are on a raised wooden platform, partially covered with a thatched roof, with the four poster beds uniquely designed on wheels which can be wheeled onto the open deck area for a night under the stars or left under the shelter of the roof. Copious insect netting over the beds ensures bug free nights.

The Mukutan retreat
This is a unique refuge overlooking the spectacular Mukutan Gorge on the edge of the Great Rift Valley of Kenya. It is situated on conservationist and author Kuki Galmann’s 100,000 acre Ol Ari Nyiro ranch where she penned her haunting autobiography 'I dreamed of Africa’. Three large and spacious cottages each with large double fireplace, built in elegant traditional style providing luxurious and romantic accommodation for up to 6 persons. The unique setting and the evocative sounds of Africa make Mukutan Retreat an exclusive hideaway.

Borana Ranch in Laikipia
A 35,000 acre ranch on the foothills of Mt. Kenya just sixteen miles from the equator settled by the Powys family in the 1920’s and still in family hands. It has 6 guest cottages built entirely from local materials, decorated in unaffected but luxurious `up-country’ style, giving each room an individual character. In addition to the usual activities mentioned above, Borana has a well stocked lake below the lodge, and they can organize helicopter or road trips to the challenging but rewarding trout streams on Mt. Kenya. “A stunning piece of nature and a luxurious lodge, make this one of the best experiences”.

Ol Malo in Laikipia
This is a 5000 acre game sanctuary, home to Colin and Rocky Francombe. The buildings are shaped by natural rock with thatched roof and the curve of ancient olive wood. The guest cottages are discreetly nestled between rocks and cliffs overlooking a much frequented water hole and salt lick below, surrounded by miles of rugged bush. The lodge boasts a swimming pool with stunning views. “The view is vast and beautiful”.

Lewa Downs at the foothills of Mt. Kenya
This is a 45,000 acre ranch nestled in the foothills of Mt Kenya, Lewa Downs is a vast tract of pristine wilderness dedicated to the preservation of Africa's wild creatures. Among the many remarkable residents are a sizeable population of the rare black rhino. The delightful cottages comprise two bedrooms with en-suite facilities, a central living room with open fireplace, and a veranda.

These are some of the Home Stays in Kenya:
Giraffe Manor - Nairobi, Deloraine - Lake Nakuru, Kampi ya Kanzi - Tsavo West, Kilalinda - Tsavo East, Desert Rose - Lake Turkana, Longonot House - Lake Naivasha, Mundui Estate - Lake Naivasha, Mutumaiyo - Laikipia, Shompoli - near Lake Magadi, Richard's Camp - Masai Mara, Dominion Farm - Siaya, Opoda Farm - Bondo.

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