Ecotourism in Western Kenya

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What are Eco Tours?
We consider an Eco Tour to be a trip that causes minimal impact to the environment and local people. The site is usually culturally and biologically diverse and attracts tourists who have a common interest in nature, wildlife and culture.

A fundamental element of an Eco Tour is the education of environmental issues such as, the protection of natural resources or endangered species, usually relevant to the destination. This may be conducted through lectures, involvement in conservation projects or simply by learning from a knowledgeable tour guide with a special commitment to consider environmental and socio-cultural issues in all aspects of your trips.

These considerations may include working with the local community, the restriction of visitor numbers or funding conservation projects in the area.

Ecotourism in Africa Biking in the Countryside

By choosing to go on an Eco Tour you will be given a unique opportunity to learn and experience nature, to interact with the local communities in their day to day lives, and to have some impact on the lives of the locals even as they earn directly from your visit. In addition a greater awareness of environmental issues will be developed as well as learning practices that can be incorporated in to your everyday routine on your return home.