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Kibera Slums

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Pro Poor Tourism in Africa, Pro Poor Tourism in Kenya, Slum Tours in Kenya, Kibera Slum Tours, Africa Slum Tours

(Reality Tourism in Africa, Pro Poor Tourism in Kenya, Slum Tours in Kenya, Kibera Slum Tours, Nairobi Slum Tours, Africa Slum Tours, Nairobi Pro Poor Tourism Adventures, Reality Tourism in Africa, Reality Tours in Kenya, Filming Tours in Africa, Filming in Kenya, Kenya Slums, Mukuru Slum Tours, Kisumu Pro Poor Tourism, Mathare Slum Tours, Nyalenda Slum Tours, Health Services in Kibera)

Kibera Slums
Face of Kibera Slums
This tourism is set up in developing countries as a means to improve the local economy for local poor people. It enhances the linkages between tourism businesses and poor people; so that poverty is reduced and poor people are able to participate more effectively in Tourism Development. The aims of pro-poor tourism ranges from increasing local employment to involving local people in the decision making process. Victoria Safaris, being a tour Operator based in a third world country - Kenya is determined to improve the lives of the poor both in urban and rural Kenya. The most important factor is not the type of company or the type of tourism, but that poor people receive an increase in the net benefits from tourism.

Africa Slums Tours

These are escorted tours into the impoverished communities of Africa living within the urban and rural areas. The concept of pro poor tourism in Africa is not new as it has been and is being practiced in South Africa. Soweto and Shanty tours in Johannesburg and Cape Town respectively are not new tours but have been ongoing slum safaris that are changing the face of South Africa's Slum areas. Kibera Slum dwellers in Nairobi - Kenya are gradually beginning to reap the benefits of Kibera Slum Tours just as other Kenya Slums dwellers, courtesy of Victoria Safaris.

Africa is the poorest continent in the world with its large number of poor populace living on less than a-dollar-a-day. At the same time Africa is the most toured continent due to its massive and abundant wildlife, daily 12 hourly sunshine, rich natural resources, mountains, lovely  beaches and welcoming cultural people. All these tourism revenue earners to the African continent, most individual African countries, are yet to plough the tourism revenue towards the alleviation of poverty among their poor communities - not to mention the wiping out of Slums in the Africa continent.

"Imagine Africa without a slum. A continent  where every individual is accessible to basic human amenities such as, adequate health facilities, adequate housing and sanitary facilities, adequate food and clean drinking water."

This is what Victoria Safaris is advocating for through tourism business as a part of contribution towards wiping out slums and poverty in Africa, including Kenya, cannot be left to the individual governments alone to clear but rather be should be the priority of those corporate firms that contribute to the improvement of the economies of these states including players in the tourism sector. Visitors who come and see these slums are sure to contribute to the upgrading of the African slums.

Kenya Slums Tours

(Reality tourism in Kenya - these are escorted tours of the slums of Kenya to sample first-hand the difficulties faced by the poor in Kenya's Urban Cities and Rural areas)

Kenya has its fair share of the world's poorest people.5.4 million Kenyans live in informal settlements. A large number of Kenya's poor, living on less than a-dollar-a-day, stay in the urban centers such as Nairobi and Kisumu. It is estimated that it may cost 12 billion US$ and approximately 13 years to eradicate slums in Kenya. That is over a decade. Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya is home to some of the richest and some of the poorest people in the country. The greatest population of this booming metropolis of over 3.5 million people stays in the slums without the necessary amenities such as adequate housing, adequate food and clean drinking water. These pro-poor tourism activities takes Victoria Safaris clients to these rarely visited regions and enables interaction with the local people even as the guests experience first hand the problems that these urban people face in their day-to-day living.

Victoria Safaris has come up with this new  noble idea of  Kenya Slum Tourism  as a means of creating awareness of  the plight of the poor  in Kenya to both foreign and domestic tourists  with an intention of wiping out the slums in Africa and Kenya in particular as a long term measure  by using tourism business, the highest Kenya government revenue earner, and  reducing poverty by engaging the poor  participate more effectively in tourism development in Kenya and at the same time receiving an increase in the net benefits from tourism as a short time measure. As the aims of pro-poor tourism ranges from increasing local employment to involving local people in the decision making process, Victoria Safaris has hired and is continuing to recruit  its local  staff for the Slum tour programmes among the inhabitants of the slums areas where it performs the Slum tours.

These include the Tour van drivers from the affected slums, the slum tour guides among which are the community leaders who understand the slum community locations better and the Slum Community policing security teams. All these personnel live within the Slums where the escorted tours are performed. . Let us take you for a pro poor tourism in Kenya as we have the Know how and the capacity to deliver these services to both foreign and domestic tourists in Kenya.
We have three types of Clientele for the pro poor tourism in Kenya. These include;
  1. Individuals:These include individuals who are interested in visiting the poor in their various locations and sharing their experiences in order to understand the difficulties of the poor as they contribute towards the alleviation of poverty. It counts when you have a day or and hour with the less fortunate of a community. From our experience, these individuals contribute their unwanted house hold items to the poor, foods stuff to the individual family members, clothing, beddings, cutleries, books and bicycles from their residences.
  2. Groups: These include groups of individuals such as churches, welfare associations, Non governmental Organizations', social welfare organizations, colleges, students associations. These contribute foodstuff, build schools, provide feeding centre's with foodstuff, build health centres and provide sanitary facilities, build churches and community based centers. A group can offer to prepare lunches for the school going students. Colleges and youth groups perform cleaning activities within the slums and along the river banks that pass through the slums. Some groups build toilet facilities. Victoria Safaris organizes pro poor tours around Lake Victoria for the benefit of the rural poor along and around the lake basin.
  3. Corporate Bodies:
    These include the limited Companies, the Parastatal and government departments. From our experience, the corporate bodies contribute foodstuff, build infrastructures and sponsor students to higher learning institutions not to mention offering employment to the slum bright students. The hotel industry is encouraged to donate used beds, beddings, linen, and used cutlery to the slum based community institutions. Victoria safaris organize corporate slum tours with the assistance of the community leaders within the slums and the poor rural areas.
Nairobi City Slum Tours - Excursions; 2 Hours - 4 Hours
This is a customized Escorted - Charity Slum tour of the Nairobi Slums including Kibera, Korokocho, Mukuru and Mathare Slums. The tour starts from a designated agreed point in the city of Nairobi then it proceeds to the particular slum amongst the named above where you will be escorted by the local inhabitant tour guides of the designated slum. These are usually the community leaders of the slums. You will be taken to the various house holds for you to sample their daily routine life. Then you will be taken to witness projects being undertaken by the other organizations. After the tour, you will be handed back your contribution for you to donate it to a project of your choice. You will then be driven back to your destination back to the City centre.

This tour can be combined with the other regular Safaris to the wildlife lodges or any others.

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VSS 45X - Nairobi Pro-Poor Tourism Adventures
(Community based pro poor tourism which covers the main urban poor areas)

Day 1-Nairobi - Kibera Slum Tour
Upon arrival, you will be met by our tour manager who will take you to your hotel to check in. After which you will be taken for a brief tour of Nairobi city before heading to the sprawling Kibera Slum considered the biggest slum in sub Saharan Africa. while in Kibera, you will be taken to meet the HIV orphaned children's homes, the Kibera Olympic primary school and the Baraka Za Ibrahim School where you will see how crowded the class rooms are, due to free primary school system, the day to day activity of the residents, the type of housing and the unavailability of sanitary facilities, lack of normal feeding timetable, the flowing sewage and the businesses undertaken by the local residents. After Dinner we have an overnight stay at a hotel of your choice in Nairobi.

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A visit of the slum

Day 2-Nairobi-Mukuru Slum Tour
After breakfast, you will be driven to the Nairobi's industrial area, then into the Mukuru Kayaba where you will visit the local NGO center which has a school, feeding center and the women group activities in the slum. Lunch is taken at a hotel in the industrial Area. In the afternoon, proceed to Kiambiu slum next to the Kenya Air Force base in Eastleigh, here you will meet the slum dwellers, those who do not go to the Nairobi central business district, the primary school and the community leaders who will brief you on the daily chores of this slum. Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight.
Day 3-Nairobi- Mathare Slum and Korokocho slum
After breakfast, you will be driven to the Mathare slum where you will see the new housing development project in the slum. Visit the drug addicts' rehabilitation center; the school for the HIV orphaned children, and the bank of Nairobi River. Lunch is taken at the nearby Utalii Hotel.

After Lunch proceed to the Korokocho slum where you will be amazed with the number of the roaming children in the slum. Visit the local NGO's poverty rehabilitation project, the Catholic secondary school, the Market , the local police station and then proceed to the Nairobi city refuse dumping site in Dandora where you will see the biggest heap of refuse in Africa which acts as a source of food and as well as income to the poor who scavenge there everyday. Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

Please request for the safari cost by filling in your details after clicking on the Reservations Button below. The price depends on season of travel, class of accommodation and the size of the group. Children are offered Special Rates based on their ages.

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Victoria Safaris offer customized tours of the Kibera slum and its facilities all year round. All profits made are donated to a specific slum activity.

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The International Ecotourism Society
Ecotourism Society of Kenya Kenya Association of Tour Operators, Kato Magical Kenya
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